Dietzel Univolt - a traditional mid-sized enterprise in the plastics industry

Rapid expansion and strong growth were carried out through the end of the nineties. Due to a slump in the construction market, inefficiencies in the integration of its subsidiaries as well as in the structure of the group popped up. At this point, the managing partners decided to hire a restructuring expert to solve the problems rapidly and thoroughly.

Provided with a General Power of Attorney, all areas of the company and its subsidiaries have been screened and the findings followed into a restructuring concept. After receiving approval of the shareholders and presenting the concept to the financing banks, the measures have been initiated and implemented step by step. Essential for the success was the close cooperation with the management and the ability to make tough decisions - and that by assuming consequences and showing high adaptability during the restructuring process, but also taking into account the long-time tradition and values of the company.

The interventions in the working capital structure and the streamline of the operations led back to a strong positive cash flow. In addition, sales offices were closed and the logistics outsourced. Including the sale of non-operating assets, the balance-sum has been reduced with positive effects to the equity ratio. In addition, the product range has been reduced, thus increasing stock turnover.

Dr. Michael Pöcksteiner, Managing Partner: "The team of Mr. Nicoloso was literally 24 hours a day on duty to analyze all aspects of the 3-shift operations in detail and optimize them. Through concise treatment of complex data a swift decision and thus a rapid implementation of restructuring measures was possible."

Not being compromised by the restrictive measures in the short-term, the market leader position in Austria was kept and even careful expansion towards Eastern Europe and Asia was continued. Today Dietzel Univolt is constant benchmark in those markets as a supplier for plastic conduits and fittings for electrical installations.

The project was as planned completed after 12 months successfully, the benchmarks developed during he restructuring were kept as basis for ongoing improvement of results and further optimization.

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