Case Study: Turnaround Management & Restructuring

Austian subsidiary of a stock-listed plastic processing conglomerate

After a committed start in the Austrian market, the subsidiary could no longer deliver the desired results, negative differences in stocks led to a change in the Group’s strategy and external interim management was hired.

After a brief analysis, it was clear that the logistics and accounting procedures were inefficient and erroneous, sales and marketing staff had been reduced to a minimum, and the interface to the headquarter did not work.

After receiving the approval for the restructuring plan, funding has been allocated for a fresh start. The warehouse and IT system were modified. All processes from order through delivery of goods have been redesigned.

The distribution channels were redefined alongside with new sales reps. Thus, these measures resulted within short time in increasing revenues. That business plans have been met, thus convinced the headquarter to continue in the Austrian market.

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